Compounded Veterinary Medication

The Pet Apothecary is a national veterinary compounding pharmacy that is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and licensed to ship to many US states. We are committed to offering veterinarians and pet owners only the highest-quality, human-grade specialty products and compounds. The Pet Apothecary is a leading compounding pharmacy choice for veterinarians due to our experienced pharmacists and our wide-ranging selection of pet medications and prescriptions. From working with hamsters to polar bears to everything in between, we have built a reputation for treating household pets, rescue animals, and zoo animals with the kindness and customized medication that they deserve. The entire Pet Apothecary team holds pets in the highest regard and knows how important it is to treat them with respect, compassion, and care. We’re experienced, degreed pharmacists and technicians who understand animal needs, pet physiology, and pharmacology and who are able to identify medication methods that work best for you and your animal.

Dosage and Medication Delivery Forms

Depending on your pet’s needs and preferences, The Pet Apothecary’s compounding specialists can formulate medications as tablets, capsules, “chewables”, liquids, or transdermal creams or gels. Each of these convenient dosage forms can be easily and comfortably administered at home under the careful supervision of pet owners so that frequent visits to the vet or species specialist for help with medication administration will no longer be necessary. The Pet Apothecary’s innovative chewable dosage forms, otherwise known as “chewables”, are widely popular among pets, animals, pet owners, veterinarians, and species specialists alike. Our specially-formulated chewables consist of gelatin and optional natural flavorings or colorings to disguise the medication’s taste, look, and smell in the form of an appetizing treat. We cater to all species of animals and we offer a wide variety of food flavorings to suit their diets and individual preferences. Pet owners or caretakers should personally administer their pet’s medication each time in order to prevent choking, overdose, or other related concerns, regardless of the dosage form. Please consult with our pharmacists, your veterinarian, or your species specialist if you have any questions or concerns about medication administration or appropriate dosage forms for your pet.

New Mini-Med tablets

Mini-Med tablets are a very small dosage form tablet that make administration of the drug you need easier for the pet in your care. Mini-Med tablets are approximately 4mm in diameter. The Mini-Med tablets’ small diameter represents a 33% reduction in diameter size than other small dosage form tablets currently on the market.

The following medications are currently available in Mini-Med tablet form:

  • Amlodipine 0.625mg & 1.25mg
  • Budesonide 1mg
  • Clomipramine 10mg
  • Piroxicam 5mg
  • Fluoxetine 5mg
  • Pimobendan 3.75mg & 7.5mg
  • Prazosin 0.25mg
  • We hope to have Prazosin 0.5mg soon.

* Sold in quantities of 30 and 100 tabs*


The Pet Apothecary is here to help your pets or other animals in need. We understand the special role that pets and animals play in our lives and we are dedicated to becoming your partner in veterinary health care by handmaking prescriptions in all strengths, combinations, concentrations, dosage forms, and tastes. We specialize in preparing veterinary medications through compounding and customizing any prescription to meet your pet’s needs, even if the required medication is not commercially available through chain pharmacies. Each of our compounded medications is prepared specifically for individual animals based on their veterinarian’s prescription by modifying or combining generic, preexisting commercial medications. We can dilute or concentrate a commercially-available medication’s original dosage to be more suitable for your pet, combine multiple medications into a single dosage form for pet owners to administer medication more easily, or even add natural flavoring or coloring to medication to make it more appetizing for your pet. The Pet Apothecary’s team of compassionate and certified pharmacists and technicians can guarantee that we will produce the highest quality of personalized products that perfectly conform to each pet’s unique medication needs and preferences.

Veterinary Pharmacy

Not all pharmacies are compounding pharmacies and not all compounding pharmacies offer veterinary compounding services, much less focus all of their attention, pharmacy expertise, and state-of-the-art technology solely on veterinary medication. Veterinary medication presents some unique challenges that only a compounding pharmacy can address and The Pet Apothecary is uniquely committed to addressing these challenges. Most medications sold in chain pharmacies are formulated for human use so it is extremely difficult to access the medications that your pet needs. Veterinary-specific medications do exist on the market, but they are often sold in doses that are too large or too small so that they are unsuitable for your pet. Even when the appropriate veterinary medication is commercially available, pets often do not accept the taste or dosage form of their required medication, making it impossible to treat their medical condition without the help of compounding techniques. At The Pet Apothecary, our compounded medications ensure that even the most stubborn pets are comfortable and happy as they take steps toward recovery or as they undergo long-term care. Our veterinary compounding services complement the work of veterinarians or species specialists toward your pet’s happiness and health.

Zoological Services

Our specialty zoological division at The Pet Apothecary works with zoos, aquariums, preserves, and research organizations to provide custom compounded medications for exotic animals. The Milwaukee County Zoo has partnered with us for two decades as their primary supplier of pharmaceutical advice and compounded zoological medications. We also provide formulations for organizations as wide-ranging as the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, the Wildlife in Need Animal Rescue Center, and more. We know it can often be difficult to provide exotic animals with the medical attention that they require, so we offer creative solutions to make medication administration as convenient, precise, and stress-free as possible for both caretakers and animals. We can formulate almost all medications as tablets, capsules, sublingual tablets, creams, sprays, and patches. We can also adjust oral medications to match animals’ preferred tastes, smells, colors, and textures. Over the past 20+ years, The Pet Apothecary has gained a reputation for being the most trusted provider of compounded zoological medicine in the Midwest, and we are eager to honor that legacy by partnering with your organization as well. 

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