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Pet Apothecary: a Pet Compounding Pharmacy

We understand the special role pets play in our lives and are dedicated to becoming your partner in pet health care by preparing prescriptions in any form, dose or taste. Whether you need to treat an ailing dog, cat, ferret, bird or something more exotic, The Pet Apothecary can help. We specialize in the preparation of veterinary custom prescriptions and are able to compound, or custom make any prescription to the specifications of a vet’s request – even if the medication is not commercially available. The Pet Apothecary is a leading pet compounding pharmacy choice for veterinarians for the knowledge and wide range of pet medications and prescriptions.

The entire Pet Apothecary team holds pets in the highest regard and knows how important it is to treat them with respect, compassion and care. We’re degreed professionals who understand animal needs, pet physiology and pharmacology and are able to find methods to medicate them in ways that work best for you and the animal.

We’ve treated pets and animals at zoos, rescues and at the humane society with the most appropriate prescriptive pet compounds. Let us do the same for you.

At the Pet Apothecary, we strive to be the best pet compounding pharmacy we can be...not only for individuals and veterinarians, but for your pet as well. Bulk compounding pet medications doesn't have to be scary. The Pet .Apothecary has knowledgeable associates that can help with your pet medication decision from start to finish. We would like to prove to you why we are a go-to-choice for pet medications. Contact the Pet Apothecary, a pet compounding pharmacy today!

Compounding Customized Medications to Solve Dosage & Administration Problems.