About Us

Jacque Schutkin

Position: Mailer Year started: 2007 Favorite animal: Giraffe Pet(s): One dog named Coozee Biography: Jacque is the one who comes up with the jokes you see written on your invoices. She packages and ships all the prescriptions that are mailed out every day. She graduated from Nicolet High School.  Jacque has been honored for the work
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Position: Office dog Year started: July, 2010 Favorite animal: Dog Biography: Rueben’s been coming to the office several times a week for a couple years now. He watches the door and gives customers a friendly, welcoming nod as they enter.

Patti Langer, RPh

Position: Pharmacist Year started: 1999 Favorite animal: Dog Pet(s): A dog named Rueben (co-owned with Jeff Langer) Biography: The Pet Apothecary was born in Patti’s mind in 1995 after seeing a need for providing medications to pets and to zoo animals. Patti graduated from UW-Madison School of Pharmacy in 1978, and has worked in both the
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Brandy Grohall

Position: Compounding Technician Year started: 2007 Favorite animal: Monkey Biography: Brandy has worked in pharmacy for 16 years. The last 10 years have been at The Pet Apothecary. She feels blessed to be able to help those in need; especially our furry companions!

Karen Schweiss

Position: Compounding technician Year Started :2010 Biography: Karen is a certified veterinary technician. She worked in a small animal clinics in southeastern Wisconsin for 28 years. After retiring from practice, she joined the staff of the Pet Apothecary. Karen wanted to stay involved in the wellness of pets and now is compounding medications to keep
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Kerry Nelson

Position: Book keeper Year started: 2008 Favorite animal: Monkey   Kerry lives with her family in Wauwatosa with a dog named Mya and a gecko named Jade. When not at work, she loves spending time with her family and traveling. Kerry is very passionate about helping others, which makes her job very rewarding for her.
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Amanda Cornils

Position: Compounding Technician Year started: 2012 Favorite animal: Panda bears Biography: Working at The Pet Apothecary gives Amanda a sense of purpose. She says it’s gratifying to know she has a hand in extending and improving the quality of life for animals, no matter how big or small, and she’s proud to tell her daughter
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Valerie Klippel, RPH

Position: Pharmacist Year started: 2011 Favorite animal: Cat Pet(s): Hamilton, a cat and Tucker, a dog Biography: Valerie has a bachelor’s degree in biology from UW-Madison and graduated magna cum laude from the pharmacy school at Midwestern University. She works has an integral role answering patient questions, talking with vets, checking prescriptions for accuracy and
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Jeff Langer, RPh

Position: Pharmacist and owner Year started: 1999 (the year he opened the business) Favorite animal: Fan of all species Pet(s): One dog, Reuben (co-owned with Patti Langer)   Biography: For Jeff, being a pharmacist was a natural career choice. His grandfather, father, uncle and first cousin are all pharmacists, and so is his wife, Patti,
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Bob Thompson, Pharmacist

Raised in suburban Milwaukee County. Interested in sports and Nature. At one time had multiple pets which included 2 Red tailed hawks, 2 sparrow hawks, 2 raccoons, 2 deer and multiple turtles, frogs and anything that happened to wonder into the yard. Education: Graduated high school with interest in anything medically related and graduated from
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Andrea Castro, LVT

Position:  Social Media Tech and Virtual Assistant Year started: 2017 Favorite animal: The entire animal kingdom Andrea was born in Ecuador, was a resident of New York City for 21 years, and currently resides in Milwaukee, with her two lovely felines, Lucas and Simone Andrea has over 10 years of experience in the veterinary medicine
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Celia Mysliwy

Position – Compounding technician Year Started: 2016 Biography: Celia received her veterinary technician degree from Purdue University in 1995. She then worked in the veterinary field in southeastern Wisconsin until joining The Pet Apothecary. She enjoys compounding medications for any animal in need while still serving the veterinary community.

Emily Westphal

Position: Compounding technician Biography: Emily enjoys spending time with her dog Toby. She is happy to be part of the team at The Pet Apothecary that is able to compound prescriptions to make it easier for clients to medicate their pets.

Anna Tracy

Position : Customer Service Representative Biography: Anna is the first smiling face you see when you visit us at The Pet Apothecary. She takes care of invoicing and organizing new prescriptions and refills. If you have a questions about shipping, she will get it to you fast. Anna answers a lot of phone calls everyday
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Clara Lee

Position: Compounding Technician Year Started 2017 Biography: Clara maybe one of our newer techs, but she comes with lots of experience from the human pharmacy world. She enjoys the challenge of making different flavors to satisfy our most finicky patients. From the yummy pina colada flavor for the monkeys to stinky fish for the kitties,
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Mary Jo Rademacher

Position : Compounding Technician and customer service Mary Jo has been interested in science since she was a little girl.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Marquette University and worked for several years as a research tech at the Medical College of Wisconsin.  While volunteering at the Wisconsin Humane Society, Mary Jo got
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Pet Apothecary:
A Compounding Pet Pharmacy

The Pet Apothecary was opened by Wisconsin pharmacists Jeff and Patti Langer, a husband and wife team, in 1999. They saw the need for a pet pharmacy, a need that was not being met by other pharmacies around the state or even country.

A pet compounding pharmacy is a very specialized branch of the profession. It requires an understanding of the pet animal needs, together with an understanding of the physiology and pharmacology of these patients.

Most medicines today are manufactured for the human patient and while the same medicines can and often are used on animal patients the dosages and the dosage forms, of necessity must be different. In the first place the size and weight of humans varies considerably with that of most of our pets but that is not the only consideration. Some animals eliminate medicines from their systems at different rates. As a result the dosages must be adjusted accordingly. Some medicines simply act in different ways in different species of animals.

The Pet Apothecary specializes in preparing and compounding medicines suitable for your pet and in dosage forms appropriate for administration to your pet. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, ferret, bird or something more exotic, we can help! We’re the go-to pet compounding pharmacy for many veterinarians and pet owners.

The Pet Apothecary specializes in the preparation of veterinary custom prescriptions. Most medicines currently used in the treatment of animals were originally manufactured for human use. They are therefore generally not ideal for our pets’ needs. They may be either too strong for our smaller pets or too weak for our bigger pets. It is also true that not all species will react in the same way to the same medication. For that reason such medicines may need to be altered before being dispensed for animal use. If you have a pet compounding medication need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help you!

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Compounding Customized Medications to Solve Dosage & Administration Problems.