Another Happy Kitty!

Here’s our sweet Poser.  She came to us out of the unknown, moved into our home and our hearts and proved to be a love machine of a kitty.  When it became clear that she had a thyroid condition and would require pills twice a day for the rest of her life we, she and I, made the best of it.  She never bit me, and I got pretty adept at popping that pill into the back of her throat, but neither one of us was happy about it.  She would avoid me and turn her head away, but, bless her heart, always finally give in.  I had a surgery looming and knew that this was not a task I could expect anyone to take over for me . . . And her life depends on this medication.  We switched to the ear application method.  Everyone is relieved.  She is always around at medication time – in fact stares at me from the cat feeding counter to get my attention.  I support her little head to gently apply the ointment.  There is no need for holding or restraining her.  She gets a teaspoonful of a special gravy rich food that I call “fat cat food” as a reward.  Her weight has improved, her coat is beautiful, and she’s once again able to follow her special talent of loving.  Thank you for providing such a great product and service.


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