Can you see me?

Having trouble finding eye drops for your dog?

We have in stock a wide variety of prescription eye medications, including dorzolamide/timolol ophthalmic drops, neo/poly/dex drops, and diclofenac drops.

Dogs can get a variety of eye problems

Corneal wounds – from being poked or scratched on the eye
Dry eye – Tear glands produce fewer tears than normal
Pink eye – Inflammation of the conjunctiva
Glaucoma – Increase pressure in the eye
Cataracts – The lens develops a cloudy cataract
Entropion – The eyelids roll inward
Progressive retinal atrophy – causes dogs to become blind

All of these eye conditions can be very serious. Of course there are many more conditions that cause eye problems. Because eye problems have a tendency to worsen quickly, it is very important to discuss any concerns that you might have about your dog’s eyes with your veterinarian as quickly as possible. Contact your veterinarian if your dogs shows any sign of eye discomfort.

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