VETERINARY Compounding

Veterinary medication presents some unique challenges that only a compounding pharmacy can address, which is why we focus all of our attention, pharmacy expertise, and state-of-the-art technology solely on veterinary medication for your pets. 

Pets often dislike medication, so it is nearly impossible to treat their medical conditions without compounded medication. Compounding techniques enable our pharmacists to provide customized dosage forms and flavors to ensure that even the most stubborn pets have a stress-free experience. We formulate our medications as liquids, chewables, capsules, pills, or transdermal creams and gels. We can also adjust the color, smell, flavor, texture, and consistency of medication to be more appealing to your pet’s tastes. All medications are easily and comfortably administered by the pet owner. 

Many medications that pets require are mass-produced for human use only in human-appropriate strengths and concentrations, and some of these human medications are no longer commercially available so that it is extremely difficult to access the medications that your pet needs. Even when veterinary-specific medications are commercially available, they are often sold in doses that are too large or too small for your pet and in dosage forms that are unsuitable for their needs and preferences. The one-size-fits-all model of chain pharmacies neglects to recognize the range of different sizes, species, and dietary preferences among animals, which is why our custom compounding services are vital to the veterinary health of your pets. Compounding allows us to put the medication in a form that your pets will accept and in a dosage, concentration, and combination that is suitable for their needs. We can even supply and customize medications that have been discontinued for human use but are still vital to veterinary medicine.  

Our Veterinary Compounds Catalog
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The Pet Apothecary’s compounding specialists are experienced and comfortable with working with all animals, including household dogs and cats, equines, birds, small animals and rodents, reptiles, and even some exotic animals. It can be imprecise or even dangerous to attempt to accurately split a pill in half to match your small pet guinea pig’s prescribed dosage. Instead of attempting this at home, let the compounding experts at The Pet Apothecary give your pets the professional, dedicated medical attention they deserve. Our pharmacists can customize the concentration, dose, combination, and dosage form of veterinary medicines for reliable recovery or long-term care. Our veterinary compounding complements the work of your veterinarians, zoologists, or species specialists to ensure that your pets are comfortable and happy while receiving the proper medical attention that they require.