Meet Geo from Oostburg

Last week I called down to you to find out if you could do a formulation for our rescue dog Geo (George)..

You were able to that for me and the very next day the medicine arrived. My husband and I have been so stressed because for the past 6 months we’ve been trying to out smart Geo every which way so we could get Vetmedin down him in crushed pill form. Every time we had to  medicate him we would hide the medication in a bit of tasty food. It would work for awhile and then Geo would figure out what we were doing and he’d refuse anymore of that food.  So we would try something new.

By time I called you we were all out of options.

When I received the medicine from you I cooked up some ground turkey and added a dose of the heart medicine to it once it had cooled.  We set the food before Geo and held our breath.  Geo gobbled it down. At that point rivers of stress started flooding out of us.

THANK YOU  for saving not only my sanity but my husband’s as well and  thank you for your timely service and expert help all served up with a dash of humor! Who  could ask for more!!!!!!!!!


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