DOSAGE FORMS Ophthalmic, Topical GENERAL Use for keratoconjunctivitis, or dry eye, in dogs, rarely in cats. PROPER USAGE Try not to touch the tube or container tip to your dog’s eye or eyelid. It is also important to not contaminate the medication by touching the tip with your fingers or hand. Your veterinarian can help
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DOSAGE FORMS Capsule, Oral Suspension, Transdermal gel GENERAL Amlodipine works on the heart and blood vessels to help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure in animals can cause kidney damage and blindness. It should be used carefully in animals with heart failure or liver disease. It should not be used in pregnant animals. PROPER USAGE
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DOSAGE FORMS Capsule, Oral Suspension, Otic (ear) drops GENERAL Chloramphenical is an antibiotic used for infections. Rarely, it is very toxic to humans and therefore it is banned for use in food-producing animals under penalty of law. Pregnant women or children should NEVER handle this drug. PROPER USAGE anemia, vomiting and diarrhea, lack of appetite,
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DOSAGE FORMS Capsule, Oral Suspension GENERAL Diphenhydramine is primarily used to treat allergic reactions to drugs or to environmental allergens. It may also be used for motion sickness. It may be used as an injection prior to chemotherapy to prevent vomiting or allergic reactions from chemotherapy PROPER USAGE Diphenhydramine should be used with caution in
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DOSAGE FORMS Ophthalmic drops or ointment GENERAL Idoxuridine is an antiviral medication used to treat viral infections of the eye, usually in cats. It is not a commercially available product so it must be compounded. PROPER USAGE Drops usually have to be refrigerated. Follow directions on container. You may have to apply eye medication every
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DOSAGE FORMS Otic, Suspension, Topical

Potassium Chloride/Gluconate

DOSAGE FORMS Capsule, Suspension GENERAL Used to increase potassium levels that result from kidney disease. Possible drug interactions: Corticotropin, digoxin, penicillin, diuretics, non-steroidal antiinflammatories, glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, anticholinergics, ACE inhibitors. SIDE EFFECTS Muscle weakness, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting, decreased appetite.  


DOSAGE FORMS Capsule, Oral Suspension GENERAL Terbutaline is a drug that dilates the lung passages to allow air to get into the lungs of animals with asthma or other respiratory diseases. It may not be effective alone in controlling asthma. Your veterinarian may also prescribe an inhaler and corticos PROPER USAGE Terbutaline speeds up the
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