Bob Thompson, Pharmacist

Raised in suburban Milwaukee County. Interested in sports and Nature. At one time had multiple pets which included 2 Red tailed hawks, 2 sparrow hawks, 2 raccoons, 2 deer and multiple turtles, frogs and anything that happened to wonder into the yard.

Education: Graduated high school with interest in anything medically related and graduated from the University of Wisconsin school of pharmacy. Played sports (football and basketball) in high school and some football in college

Work history: Worked the first 10 years in small independent pharmacies.  The next 7 years as a nursing home consultant with 1000 beds.
Spent next 8 years working at Froedtert Hospital. Established a clinical program specializing in the kinetic dosing of amino-glycosides. Published several articles dealing with quality control issues. Also helped develop dosing of cyclosporine which lead to patent on cyclosporine dosing in chocolate. Also published an article on drug error rate in an intensive care unit to try and bring computerized IV pumps to the intensive care setting.
Spent next 18 years working in the pharmaceutical industry as a specialized representative selling to hospitals and education of medical students and residents.
He ended a full time career working as a nuclear pharmacist for GE for 6 years and is currently working part time for The Pet Apothecary and the Wisconsin Health fund.
Interests:  Mainly golf with some high school buddies and biking, swimming, and running with some limited activity in short triathlons. Enjoys travel and spending time with the 6 grandkids. Bob has been married for almost 40 years.

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