Jeff Langer, RPh

Position: Pharmacist and owner
Year started: 1999 (the year he opened the business)
Favorite animal: Fan of all species
Pet(s): One dog, Reuben (co-owned with Patti Langer)


Biography: For Jeff, being a pharmacist was a natural career choice. His grandfather, father, uncle and first cousin are all pharmacists, and so is his wife, Patti, whom he married in 1979, just three years after graduating from the School of Pharmacy at UW-Madison. He continued on to graduate school where he focused his studies on dosage formulations for animals. In 1978, while still in school, he began his career working at Stein Drugstore. A year later was hired into the family business, Jack Langer Pharmacy and Gifts. He loved the job and noticed a need for filling prescriptions for veterinary clinics. He worked to get their attention and business, and over time he did. Then in 1995, he and his dad sold the company but negotiated being able to dedicate one pharmacy to the treatment of animals using compounded products.

Jeff and Patti took a few years off from that business and in 1999 together opened The Pet Apothecary. She helps manage and direct business, while he continues to provide medications to patients and helping to improve their condition. “Whether treating human or non-human patients, I am proud to be a pharmacist, and I enjoy talking with the clients to better understand their concerns, and then addressing them,” he says.

Since the beginning, his goal has been to provide assistance to veterinarians to obtain medication that was either difficult to get, tasted terrible, or was hard to dose. He says he has always been concerned about customer service and has made it the top priority at The Pet Apothecary. “Together our staff works very hard to insure each customer is satisfied in every way and that excellent quality products are used to treat pets,” he says. “We do our best to listen to our clients,” which has helped him to develop a product line that includes transdermal gels, oral suspensions and many other dosage forms.

Now with years of experience behind him, he knows the ins-and-outs of treating eagles, penguins, hippos, llamas, ferrets, rats, reindeer and rabbits and of course, cats and dogs. Jeff, a longtime member of Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin, was named Alumni Pharmacist of the Year in 2010 by Phi Delta Chi, a professional pharmacy fraternity at UW-Madison. “We constantly get questions regarding the possibility of treating a condition that I’ve not thought of, or using a medication in a way that we have not done before, which is great for me. I thrive on that kind of challenge,” he says. “Plus work provides the capital to do good things and give back to the community.” Jeff is the proud owner of the successful pet compounding pharmacy, The Pet Apothecary.

Patti and Jeff have two grown children, Aaron (AJ) and Marci. They are both married. AJ and his wife, Romy, had twin boys in December, 2014 and added a daughter in 2017.  Marcy aand her husband have a son and a daughter.  They are adorable!!


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