Valerie Klippel, RPH

Position: Pharmacist
Year started: 2011
Favorite animal: Cat
Pet(s): Hamilton, a cat and Tucker, a dog

Biography: Valerie has a bachelor’s degree in biology from UW-Madison and graduated magna cum laude from the pharmacy school at Midwestern University. She works has an integral role answering patient questions, talking with vets, checking prescriptions for accuracy and helping compounding technicians make some of the medications. She was a pharmacist at  CVS, a company that honored her at its 2012 national conference with a Paragon Award. According to Valerie, “I like helping people and enjoy my job because it is rewarding. I’m able to ensure people and their pets receive proper medication and appropriate drug information.”

Valerie lives with her husband, Brian and daughter, Olivia. They also have one dog, Tucker and a cat named Hamilton.

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